Enter a world of fear and mystery with From The Fog, a Minecraft mod that brings the legendary Herobrine to life in a spooky and immersive way true to the legend.

Minecraft 1.19.X

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Common Questions

Whether you're scared for your world's safety, or just plain afraid of the unknown. The answer is right here waiting for you!

What all can Herobrine do?
  • Herobrine can crash your game. [EPILEPSY WARNING!] (Disabled by default)
  • Herobrine can produce footsteps behind you.
  • Herobrine places structures (Mossy Cobblestone Pyramids, Sandstone Pyramids, Redstone Torch Tunnels/Trails/Caves, and Leafless Groves)
  • Herobrine has the ability to mine around you in caves.
  • Herobrine will creep up behind you and wait for you to turn around.
  • Herobrine can stalk you from a distance.
  • Herobrine will destroy your torches sometimes taking them.
  • Herobrine can burn your base down. (Disabled by default)
  • Herobrine can jumpscare you if you touch him.
  • Herobrine can prevent you from sleeping if he's nearby.
  • Herobrine will leave dreadful donations in your chests.
  • Herobrine can change your torches to redstone torches and lanterns to soul lanterns.
Nothing is happening. Why?

It will take 3 in-game days after installing the datapack to have events to start happening. However, you can find the odd structures from the second you load the world.

Do I have to wait the 3 days?

If you want to provoke Herobrine just simply build a classic Herobrine shrine like the one in the image below. (Mossy cobblestone and gold blocks both work for the center.) Alternatively, you can use the config which can be opened using the command "/function fromthefog:admin/config" to make Herobrine haunt instantly; or you can stop him from haunting at all until you've built the shrine.

Will it hurt my world?

The most the pack will do by DEFAULT is, generate structures in new chunks, remove your torches, change your torches and lanterns to soul and redstone versions, put items in your chests and mine around you in strip mines. All of these options can be changed using the config, "/function fromthefog:admin/config".

Why does Herobrine look like diamond hoes?

If Herobrine is displaying as diamond hoes, it means that the resourcepack is not enabled. The resource and the datapack are the same .zip so be sure to put the datapack in your resourcepacks folder aswell. If you're on forge it may be because your mod resources are below Minecraft in the resourcepacks list.

How do I use the config?

You can access the config using the command "/function fromthefog:admin/config", which allows you to change the following settings:

  • Sighting Chance
  • Haunting Delay
  • Ghost Doors
  • Ghost Miner
  • Creeping Mechanic
  • Stalking Mechanic
  • Disappearing Torches
  • Burning Base
  • Sighting Noise
  • Emissive Layers
  • Herobrine Skin
  • Randomize Skins
  • Jumpscare Mechanic
  • Crash Mechanic
  • Creeping Vanishing Delay
  • Stalking Vanishing Delay
  • No Sleep
  • Dreadful Donation
  • Crimson Curse
What skins does Herobrine Have?

Herobrine has the following skins:

How do I make a custom skin pack?

If you want to make a custom skin pack for From The Fog, you can use one of these two methods: